Termite Control in Jacksonville & Fruit Cove

Few pests cause as much damage to wooden structures as termites. Their ability to hollow out vast quantities of wood makes them a serious threat to the structural integrity of homes and other buildings. Since 1998, Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control has been successfully ridding buildings of these problematic insects.

Termite colonies tend to grow very quickly. Each colony can contain multiple queens and produce several thousand eggs each day. Termite populations on a single acre of land can number in the hundreds of millions. Termites damage wood due to their feeding on cellulose, a compound that gives plants their structure. As they strip the cellulose from the timber of buildings, the wood becomes weak and hollow. A sizable termite population can consume ten to fifteen pounds of wood in a week. 

There are a few ways to detect a termite presence. Termites build shelter tubes out of mud to keep their bodies from drying out. If these tubes are present on surfaces in or around the home, a termite colony is almost certainly on the premises. Termites also leave behind droppings and sawdust shavings. These droppings vary in color depending on the wood being consumed. While these visual indicators can be helpful, most termite species are difficult to detect due to their concealment beneath the foundations of buildings.

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If termites are not exterminated quickly, the resulting repairs are often costly. Residents of the Jacksonville area who are dealing with an infestation should contact Busy Bee for a free quote. Our pest control experts will eliminate the termite population and prevent future infestations.