Sentricon Termite Control in Jacksonville

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A revolutionary way to protect your home…

Termites have been going after your home for years. Now the Sentricon System lets you go after their home – the colony. Colony elimination is a revolutionary way to deal with termites. And Sentricon has been proven to achieve it.

The Sentricon System is the best approach for protecting structures from subterranean termites because it eliminates the colony, while being non-disruptive to property owners. The Sentricon System is proven, long-term protection against termite damage.

First your home will be inspected for signs of termites. When termites are found in one or more stations, they will be transferred to a Baitube device containing Recruitt II termite bait, which is then placed in those stations.

Then, Sentricon stations will be placed in the soil around your home. The captured termites will feed on Recruit II, tunnel out and send other colony nestmates back to feed on the bait. As they do so the colony starts to decline
and will eventually be eliminated.

The stations will be checked regularly for termite activity. After a colony has been eliminated the bait will be replaced with new monitoring device. We will continue to monitor the system to discover a new colony that might invade your property.

Taking it easy on your house and yard.

Sentricon protects your home more gently than traditional control methods. When installing Sentricon, your technician won’t need to drill through the floor or foundation, and is not likely to disturb shrubs or other landscaping. Monitoring and baiting can be done without even entering your home.