Jacksonville Residential Pest Management

fl home final 1Houses are home to not just people and their pets. Many unseen guests also reside in homes. Spiders, cockroaches, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs and termites are just a few of the critters that occupy dark corners and cozy nooks throughout your living space. There are ways to make sure that your home doesn't become a haven for unwanted guests. Busy Bee Termite and Pest Control can rid your home of insects, termites and rodents. We also offer long-term management plans to make sure these pests don't come back.


Most pests carry and spread diseases. Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in households. Roaches carry more than 30 types of harmful bacteria that can be transmitted to humans and pets. These pests move through unsanitary environments, carrying fecal material on their feet. They seek out foods eaten by humans and pets and contaminate these foods. Cockroach droppings and body parts are allergens and aggravate symptoms for those who suffer from asthma.

Ants do not generally carry or transmit diseases. However, carpenter ants, another common household pest in Florida, destroy property. Although they don't eat wood as termites do, they chew through wood, Styrofoam and products containing cellulose to nest in the empty cavity.

There are several species of carpenter ants in Florida. Black carpenter ants damage wood while other species find voids in wood to nest in. Popular nesting places include crevices behind walls, under bathtubs and under attic insulation. They look for moisture and places where they are not easily disturbed.


Rodents carry at least 10 diseases that are harmful to humans, including bubonic plague, rat-bite fever and Typhus. There are several types of rats and mice that live in or near human habitations in Florida. They eat the foods that people eat and contaminate food with urine, fecal droppings, hair and saliva.

Both rats and mice are active at night. These critters gnaw on objects to gain entrance into a building and to sharpen their teeth. An opening as small as ΒΌ-inch wide is enough for a mouse to squeeze through. Rats can swim, thus gaining access to buildings through drain and sewer pipes. In addition, rodents can enter on electrical wires or on branches of trees that touch the sides of a building.

Integrated Pest Management

The best way to control pests is to prevent them from entering your home. Busy Bee Termite and Pest Control implements a multi-step integrated pest management program to identify pests on your property, eradicate them and keep them from coming back. We examine both the exterior and interior of your home for places of entry and recommend ways to prevent pests from entering and nesting. We look for sources of food and water that help pests survive. We suggest ways to repair leaks, replace damaged wood and remove food and moisture that attract pests.

We also determine the species of pest causing the problem. Not all treatments are effective on all pests. Instead, treatment is designed for each type of pest. We recommend several ways to eradicate them including baits, traps and topical applications. We use EPA-approved chemicals and apply them only as needed. We also offer quarterly treatments to make sure that pests don't come back.

Check out our service area today to see if we can make it out to your Florida home. Call Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control today for a free estimate. We guarantee our work. We are licensed, insured and bonded.