Ponte Vedra, FL Pest Control

When you live in a state like Florida, the threat of a pest infestation is as great as the likelihood of a severe summer storm. To ensure you protect your property and pockets from structural damage and financial loss, it's important to take preventative action against the Sunshine State's most destructive insects. At Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control, we specialize in not only eliminating pests but also helping homeowners prevent an infestation from happening.

With that said, here are a few of the pests we receive the most calls about.

Beat the Bed Bugs

Whether it's at the office, a store or in a hotel room, you can pick up a bed bug from almost anywhere. Once a bed bug catches a free ride into your home, it can become infested in no time. As with any other pest infestation, it's important to take back control of your property as soon as you notice the warning signs.

Common Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • Reddish brown stains on bed linen or on the mattress
  • Pale yellow skins that nymph bed bugs shed as they become bigger
  • Skin rashes caused by bed bug bites

Repulse the Rodents

Rodents like mice and rats love looking for a cozy place to call home when the temperature in northern Florida starts to dip. Aside from causing structural damage to your property, rodents can also pose numerous health risks, since many of them carry diseases like the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. If you notice any signs of a rodent infestation, it's important you contact pest control right away to avoid exposing yourself to a debilitating virus.

Common Signs of Rodent Infestation

  • Droppings found under the sink, around food packages, and in the kitchen cupboards
  • Holes chewed through floors and walls that serve as entry points into your home
  • Nesting materials scattered throughout the home, including shredded paper

Terminate the Termites

Termites are responsible for about $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the United States every year. As a homeowner, if you notice a termite infestation, every minute counts when it comes to curbing the costs associated with repairs. When you factor in that most insurance companies don't cover damage stemming from a termite infestation, it's even more important to contact pest control immediately once you notice the signs.

Common Signs of Termite Infestation

  • Presence of mud tunnels near your home's foundation
  • Small piles of feces resembling pellets found where they've nested or eaten
  • Sagging walls, floors, and ceilings

For more information about the residential and commercial pest control services we offer in Ponte Vedra, Florida, or if you're interested in receiving a free quote, contact Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control at 904-637-4608. Our team of pest control specialists looks forward to ridding your home of pests and helping you sleep more peacefully.