Pest Control Jacksonville Beach, FL

Bumble beeKnown for its sunny skies and beautiful beaches, Jacksonville Beach is home to a range of people from different backgrounds, but the city also attracts a lot of tourists each year. With many people coming and going, the city also hosts several pests that can cause damage if you don't know how to stop them from doing so. Termites, rodents, and bees are just a few of the pests that you can expect to encounter. If you run a business and pests decide to invade, they can reduce the odds of your customers returning. The good news is that learning about pests and when you should call a professional can keep you out of harm's way.


If termites can invade your home or place of business, they won't waste time when it comes to consuming your wooden floors and walls. The worst part is that most people won't notice the warning signs until the late stages of an infestation, making the problem that much harder to solve. Look for wood shavings, shelter tubes, and buckling walls when you think that termites have gained access to your home or office. Termites can tunnel through the ground and enter your building from the floor, but termite swarmers can fly and will leave discarded wings near your windows.


As resourceful creatures, rodents can enter a home or office without much trouble, and a small opening is all that they need. Once they get inside, they will chew holes through your walls, get into your food and damage your wires. If you don't handle the rodent infestation at the start, the pests can spread diseases. When a customer sees rodents in a place of business, they won't want to come back until the problem is under control. In some cases, the local Health Department will shut businesses down when rodents invade.


Most people don't consider bees to be a threat, and a sting will usually cause pain and mild skin irritation. If you get stung by multiple bees or are allergic to them, you could have a medical issue on your hands. Although bees won't normally sting unless they feel provoked, getting too close to their nest can trigger an attack. Some people will feel tempted to handle a bee nest without getting help, but doing so is a mistake that you don't want to make. Upsetting a nest can agitate the swarm, which will put everyone in danger.

Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control

If pests have gotten out of hand in your home or office and you want to get the situation under control, you can count on Busy Bee Termite & Pest Control to help. Our dedication to providing our clients with outstanding service is the No. 1 pillar on which we have built our success. Our experience allows us to quickly find and eliminate any pests that might be causing trouble, and you will be glad that you have called us when you see the results. If you would like to get started or to get a free quote, don't hesitate to give us a call.