Crazy Ant Control in Fruit Cove & Jacksonville

Crazy AntsSuddenly, with an incursion of crazy ants running rampant, fire ants seem less repulsive. Unlike fire ants, which keep to themselves unless their nest is disturbed, crazy ants, named for the species' unpredictable movements and crazy swarming practices, infiltrate yards, homes and electronic devices to cause severe damage.

Reddish-brown, furry and a mere one-eighth inch long, these tiny terrors worm their way through the smallest of cracks in devices to indulge their affinity for electrical currents. Electrical switch boxes, cellphones and computers form only a fraction of gadgets that received over $146 million in damage over a single year. Although crazy ants cannot chew through wires, they do chew through insulation to expose live wires. If the live wires electrocute a single ant, it sends pheromones that attract a swarm of its fellows to that location. The resulting mass electrocution wreaks havoc with electronic devices. 

In addition to gizmos and gadgets, crazy ants also take their toll on the ecosystem by killing other ant species, leveling fields and causing larger animals to migrate away from colony areas; in many cases, backyards become uninhabitable when infiltrated by colonies that are 100 times larger than other types of ant colonies. 

Unfortunately, crazy ants are impervious to all home treatments and most typical, professional insecticides. Professional exterminators have experienced some success with Termidor, which requires knowledge and skill to apply because of potential harm to animals, bees and aquatic life if applied haphazardly. If crazy ants have stormed their way into your home or property, please call us for a free quote to control the tiny terrors. We can save your doodads from this pest's insatiable appetite for electrical currents.