Carpenter Ant Control in Jacksonville & Middleburg

Carpenter AntsLike almost all insects, carpenter ants play an integral role in the ecosystem. By using fallen logs and dead wood for their nests, these ants ensure that the vegetative matter will quickly return to the earth, continuing the circle of life. When these ants turn their attention to your home and begin using the wood inside as a place for their colony, however, they cross the line into pest territory. 

Unlike termites, carpenter ants aren’t interested in eating your house. This distinction, unfortunately, means little to a homeowner who can see their structural integrity being quickly undermined by these insects. The burrowing and nesting that makes up a carpenter ant colony’s lifestyle can be just as damaging to your house as a termite swarm. 

Several methods of pest control are available to homeowners experiencing a carpenter ant infestation, but many of them are ineffective. Even creosote, a common wood treatment used to deter pests, is not always effective against the carpenter ant. Frequently, though, homeowners will continue to use these methods to control their infestation even in the absence of success. This allows the ants more time to destroy your house.

When dealing with carpenter ants, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in the professionals. By taking quick, decisive action, you can eliminate the problem before it gets out of control. If you see carpenter ants in and around your home or piles of sawdust marking their burrows, you could have an infestation. If you see signs of a problem, your first call should be to us. Busy Bee specializes in permanent pest control solutions, including quick carpenter ant remedies. Start taking your house back; call us today for a free quote.